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Executive/VIP/Close Protection - Why it is needed!

The following items were compiled from various news sources, the incidents described are a small example of the types of circumstances that cause at risk persons to seek out and hire trained and qualified protection personnel. Victims of these acts of terror come from all walks of life and age groups. 


Russian Czar Alexander the Second was killed by a dynamite charge; it was the seventh attempt to assassinate him via this method.

President William McKinley was shot and mortally wounded by anarchist Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, N.Y., he died eight days later.

Larry Flynt (Publisher of Hustler Magazine) and his lawyer were shot outside of a courthouse in Georgia (USA).

John Lennon was shot and killed outside of his Apartment building in NYC by Mark David Chapman.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan was shot as he was walking towards the Presidential limousine. A Washington D.C. Police Officer and a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent were also shot during this incident!

Basher Jymaial, Prime Minister of Lebanon was assassinated by an explosive charge placed 1 floor below his office.

Brittan’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was almost killed when a bomb went of at the Grand Hotel in Brighton where she was staying.

Robert Latta entered the White House and wandered around for 15 minutes unnoticed before he was arrested.

Rabbi Meir Kahane was shot in the neck and killed by El Sayed A Nosair, while at a conference in the New York Marriot Eastside Hotel.

Sidney Resso, President of Exxon was abducted at gunpoint as he departed his residence for work. He had stopped and exited his vehicle to pick up the newspaper in his driveway.

Charles Geschke, CEO of Adobe Systems Inc. was kidnapped by two gunmen as he arrived at work.

Kevin Wynn, daughter of casino tycoon Steve Wynn was kidnapped from her townhouse in a gated guarded luxury community.

Harvey Weinstein, Chief Executive of Lord West Formalwear was kidnapped as he left the Queens (NY) diner where he ate breakfast everyday.

Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze was slightly injured and his physician and two bodyguards were wounded when a car bomb exploded.

President Kiro Gligorov of Macedonia, his security officer and three pedestrians were injured and his driver was killed when a remote controlled car bomb exploded.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in Tel Aviv by a lone gunman. The head of his bodyguard detail was wounded in the attack.

An attacker tossed a grenade at Emomali Rakhmonov, President of Tajikistan. Rakhmonov and 57 others were wounded and two died.

Nicholas Martinelli, V.P. of Asco Addressing Service was kidnapped by Edward Peyton a former employee. Martinelli was kidnapped when he pulled into the garage of his house.

Asian Maskhadov, President of Chechnya survived an assassination attempt in which four of his bodyguards were wounded when a car bomb exploded and set his armored vehicle ablaze.

Massimo D'Antona a consultant to the Italian Labour Minister was shot by terrorists in Rome.

Vazgen Sarksyan, the Armenian Prime Minister was assassinated by five men with guns during a meeting of the Parliament.

A car bomb exploded in the Basque capital region of Vitoria killing Socialist leader Fernando Buesa and his bodyguard. They were walking past the vehicle when it exploded.

Tijuana Mexico Police Chief Alfredo de la Torre was assassinated as he drove home from mass.

Radio Haiti owner Jean Leopold Dominique and his security officer were killed as they arrived at Radio Haiti.

British Defense Attaché Brig. Stephen Saunders was assassinated while driving to work in Athens Greece.

N.Y. State Assembly candidate Joey Jackson was threatened by two people who approached him from behind. They stated "you ain't gonna be no assemblyman from this area" and "I know where you live, I know where your family lives".

N.Y. State Senator Larry Seabrook received a threatening message on an answering machine at his Williamsbridge district office.

Joey Jackson, candidate for state Assembly (NY) said he was threatened by two men near his home.

Abe Hirschfeld was convicted of paying a hit man $75,000 to kill Stanley Stahl his business partner.

Rikers Island inmate Dany Castillo allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill his victim/witness.

A man was arrested for threatening to kill V.P. Candidate Joseph Lieberman because he was too critical of the movie industry.

State Police are supervising Rick Lazios movements during his campaign because he has received death threats. Additional steps have been taken to protect him, his campaign bus and his home.

Mayor Edi Rama of the Albanian capital Triana escaped unharmed after a sniper fired two times at a window of his apartment on Thursday.

One person was killed and others injured in a bomb attack on the home of Yugoslavia's chief representative in Kosovo.

Heavily armed intruders kidnapped Lazaro Montes, the Columbian manager for Hyundai Motor Co. from a small farm about 40 miles southwest of Bogotá.

Two spanish businessmen, Antonio Trevino and Francisco Rodriguez were kidnapped on Thursday out side of the Georgian (Russia) capitol Tbilisi.

Mark Brownfield was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill singer Moon Unit Zappa.

Russian city official Sergei Alyoshin and his daughter were hurt when their car exploded in St Petersburg on Monday.

Dekalb County (GA) Sheriff-elect Derwin Brown was assassinated as he arrived home from a party. He was shot 11 times.

City Councilor Francisco Cano was injured when an explosive device attached to the underside of his car detonated. He was driving in the town of Viladecavalls Spain when the explosion occurred.

Union Leader Wilson Borja, his driver and one of his bodyguards was injured when gunmen approached his red 4WD vehicle and sprayed it with bullets as it exited a parking lot.

David Brown, a Scotsman employed by Coco Cola International was badly injured in al-Khobar (Saudi Arabia) on Friday when a package placed near the windshield of his vehicle exploded when he tried to move it.

Dr. Athar Qureeshi a Pakistani religious leader was shot dead in Karachi (Pakistan) while walking to a mosque to say his morning prayers.

Moscow's Deputy Mayor Iosif Ordzhonikidze was injured and his driver was killed when his car was fired upon by two masked gunmen.

Rev. Benjamin Inocencio was shot and killed while being driven to buy gifts for a Christmas party. A lone suspected Muslim rebel approached his jeep and shot him twice in the head with a pistol.

Columbian Congressman Diego Turbay, his mother and four other people were killed when gunmen opened fire on their convoy.

4 year old Tiffany Lee Richards was abducted from her home in the Rio Lindo region of Honduras by four armed men.

The Governor of Chihuahua Mexico was shot and wounded on Wednesday. Gov. Patrico Martinez was shot in the head inside the state capitol building. Martinez was walking down a flight of stairs and was approached by a group of people. The shooter pulled out a revolver and fired a shot.

Kenny Gluck of Doctors Without Borders was kidnapped from a four car convoy in Chechnya.

Hisham Mikki, head of the Palestinian Broadcasting Company was shot and killed by 3 hooded men in a Gaza hotel.

An Irishman in Saudi Arabia escaped unharmed when he spotted a (explosive) device under his car. This was the fourth attack against English speaking foreigners in Saudi Arabia since last November.

Henry Perea Torres, Mayor of Juardo Columbia was shot and killed by two armed assailants.

Yemeni tribesmen kidnapped a German oil expert identified as Luther Fielenberg on Wednesday. He was kidnapped as he was driving to the oil field.

2nd Lt. Jose Luis Diaz Pareja escaped injury on Wednesday when an explosive device attached to the bottom of his car malfunctioned. The detonator went off but the rest of the device failed to explode.

Syed Ameer Hussain Luck, District VP. of the Tehreek-e-Jafria Party was shot dead while riding his bicycle. Two men on a motorcycle approached him and opened fire.

A Spanish Navy cook was killed by a bomb attached to the underside of his car in the city of San Sebastian.

The driver of the State Security Chief of Serbia was injured on Sunday by a masked gunman who opened the door of the official vehicle and shot him. The driver was waiting for the Chief who was at a meeting with the Serbian Prime Minister.

An explosion injured Akhmad Kadyrov the head of the civil administration in Chechnya. 9 of his bodyguards were also injured and two vehicles were destroyed. The explosion occurred on the road between the administrations HQ and the Chechnya capitol Grozny.

An American oil worker identified as Ronald Sander was found dead in the jungle in Ecuador. He was kidnapped in October.

Labor leader Felimon Lagman was assassinated on Tuesday at the University of the Philippines campus in Quezon City. He was shot in the head by 4 unidentified men inside the UP Alumni Center.

Gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying Serbian Interior Minister, Dusan Mihajlovic in an apparent assassination attempt.

An obsessed fan was caught inside the Malibu home of actress Pamela Anderson.

Maoist rebels in Nepal abducted a police officer who was traveling on a bus.

Tajikistan's Deputy Interior Minister Khabib Sanginov was killed today when gunmen riddled his car with bullets as he was leaving his house in route to his office. His driver and bodyguards were killed also.

5 kidnappers abducted American Businessman Mark Ashton from the front of his house in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.

Liberia's Youth and Sports Minister Massaquoi was shot during an attack on his helicopter by dissidents.

A 55 year old American Nun was shot and killed during a carjacking in Guatemala City; she was shot repeatedly in the head and thorax.

Saleem Qadri leader of the Islamic group Sunni Tehrik, two relatives, his driver, a guard and a policeman stationed nearby were killed when six people on motorbikes opened fire on his car in Karachi.

Russian regional minister Magomedsalikh was injured when a bomb exploded outside his home in Dagestan.

An "animal rights activist" attacked "Survivor II" contestant Michael Shupen.

SDLD Councillor Martin Wilson and his family escaped injury when the front of their house was damaged by a pipe bomb while they were sleeping.

Spanish General, Justo Oreja Pedraza and 15 other people were wounded when a backpack bomb on a bicycle exploded outside his home. The General was leaving his house at 8:30AM when the eight pound bomb was detonated.

Mayor Paul Schell of Seattle WA was struck in the face by James C. Garrett. The Mayor suffered broken bones around his eye.

Jose Javier Mugica, a councilor for the Union of the People of Navarra was killed by a bomb blast in Leiza, a town northwest of Pomplona Spain.

Col. Tayser Khattab, a top aide to Palestinian Intelligence Chief Amin al Hindi was killed when his car exploded as he was driving toward his office north of Gaza City.

Yachting Champion Peter Blake was shot and killed by masked pirates who boarded his yacht near the mouth of the Amazon River.

Sen. Ingrid Betancourt, a presidential candidate, was abducted by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels at a roadblock. She was driving into a volatile area of southern Colombia. Her campaign manager, Clara Rojas was also being held.

Professor Marco Biagi, a consultant to the Italian Labour Minister was shot and killed in front of his home in Bologna (Italy).

Valery Ivanov, chief editor of the Tolyatti Review (a Russian News Paper) was shot three times in the head and four in the chest from point-blank range as he was sitting in his parked Lada Niva just outside his home.

Afghanistan's deputy president Haji Abdul Qadir was shot dead in a hail of bullets in his car as he arrived at his office on Saturday. Two gunmen waiting outside the gates of Qadir's office opened fire on his black Toyota Land Cruiser. His driver also died.


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