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"Failure is not an Option"
March 2011
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Report details St. Petersburg officers' heroics in death of two cops

The basic facts of Jan. 24 are seared into the community's soul.

A St. Petersburg police officer killed in a shoot-out with a wanted man hiding in an attic. Another killed trying to rescue the first. A wounded deputy marshal who survived the siege that ended with the death of Hydra Lacy Jr. and the razing of the bright orange house where it all happened.

But Thursday, after investigators worked for a month, the public learned what really happened inside the house that day - the acts of deception and evil, and more

Workplace Violence Prevention Readiness and Response

Workplace violence, a complex and widespread issue, has received increased attention from the public, mental health experts, and law enforcement professionals. The wide range of acts that fall under this rubric include all violent behavior and threats of violence, as well as any conduct that can result in injury, damage property, induce a sense of fear, and otherwise impede the normal course of work. Threats, harassment, intimidation, bullying, stalking, intimate partner violence, physical or sexual assaults, and homicides fall within this category.

Although a handful of high-profile incidents (e.g., mass shootings at a workplace) have led to increased public awareness, prevalence rates show that nonfatal workplace violence is a more common phenomenon than previously believed. For example, a Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report estimated that approximately 1.7 more

Effective Firearms Training

Events across the nation continue to highlight the need for law enforcement officers to develop and sustain the firearms skills needed to survive a lethal force encounter. However, officer-involved shootings remain relatively rare in this country. Consequently, assigning the right priority to firearms training never is easy, and many small and medium-sized agencies face the challenge of finding the resources necessary to implement more than a minimal periodic firearms requalification program. Further, the current economic downturn has made the task harder as declining budgets have resulted in staffing shortages, overtime curtailments, and difficulty in purchasing training ammunition.

The Daviess County, Kentucky, Sheriff’s Office continues to experience each of those challenges. Yet, agency leaders felt obligated to officers and citizens to address those obstacles, rather than just defer firearms training until better times. This entailed gaining buy in among employees at all levels while developing creative solutions for the lack of resources—in short, crafting an effective program that the agency could execute within the available means. Leaders also decided that the training requirements would apply equally to all sworn personnel—supervisors, patrol officers, court security officers, criminal investigators, school resource officers, and special deputies—even though more

On Preparation Being ready in all ways

It went like this...

Patrolman A was scheduled to attend a firearms qualification and training program at the range. He arrived straight off a patrol shift with the gear he usually wears on duty. The flashlight that he brought (the only one he has since he lost his department issue light) was so dim that it could barely illuminate the target 15 feet to his front. Truth told he could have probably gotten more light from a 99 cent Bic lighter. Heck, I had a brighter micro-sized keychain light on my car keys that day. He and another officer with a similar light, maybe they bought the lights two for one at the Dollar Store, laughed about it. He chuckled, look at me hard-core salty street cop and my crappy flashlight. With his laissez faire attitude he was essentially saying, It's more

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome

“1986, as a whole, was a pretty eventful year. The space shuttle Challenger experienced a cataclysmic systems failure, and exploded shortly after liftoff. The Nuclear Plant in Chernobyl, Russia, experienced a major meltdown, resulting in the deaths of more than 4,000 people. A postal employee experienced a similar meltdown, shooting 20 fellow employees, which coined the phrase, “going postal.” Although Tom Cruise was probably the most popular actor that year for his role in Top Gun, Clint Eastwood should’ve been recognized for introducing one of the more

Seven Steps to Controlling Fear

I think it was General Douglas MacArthur who said, If bravery is a quality which knows not fear, then I have never seen a brave man. For the courageous man is the man who, in spite of his fear, forces himself to carry on.

Everybody fears fear more

Debrief Yourself Once a Day

Mental preparation and imagery are well-known performance enhancers. After-action evaluations and debriefings are essential tools used to improve performance in any area, from the military to business, for soldiers as well as sales people. Both of these well-established, powerful tools are yours for free to enhance your own performance and survivability. Here s one more

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