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July 2007
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Is an SUV the Right Vehicle for Your Principal?
Just the other day we received a call from yet another client that is considering replacing the sedans they currently use for executive transportation with SUV’s. After talking with their Security Manager for nearly an hour and discussing everything from daily operating costs to the life expectancy of tires and whether their drivers would require..... read more

Before It Makes the Headlines
Since the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, law enforcement and security professionals have been inundated with bulletins, directives and warnings urging increased vigilance and heightened awareness. Unfortunately, there has been little put forth regarding exactly what it is that those on the front lines of the war on terrorism more

Combat training a necessity for Navy photographers
Wielding a camera during a gunfight has never been a winning proposition. But the ongoing wars have brought new dangers to Navy combat cameramen.

Navy SEALs now regularly take cameramen along on raids. Smaller, lighter equipment means military photojournalists more

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda and If Only I...
While instructing at the range one day last week, I was confronted by poor performance, poor motivation and multiple poor excuses by way of explanation. Simple qualification events were failed by decent shooters. When I confronted the officers involved, I got some sad tale of woe and excuse upon excuse. I responded by being my subtle self, i.e. I told the shooters involved that they should remove more

U.S. Cities Sue Gangs in Bid to Stop Violence
Fed up with deadly drive-by shootings, incessant drug dealing and graffiti, cities nationwide are trying a different tactic to combat gangs: They're suing them.

Fort Worth and San Francisco are among the latest to file lawsuits against gang members, asking courts for injunctions barring them from hanging out together on street corners, in cars or anywhere else in certain areas.

The injunctions are aimed more

Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Over Ft. Riley Security
A private security company will pay the government $18-million dollars for not properly training and equipping security guards at Ft. Riley and seven other military installations.

The settlement with AKAL security ends a 3-year investigation. Three civilian guards at Ft. Riley filed a lawsuit against AKAL on behalf of the government in 2004. They accused AKAL of failing to provide guards with proper materials and training and failing to provide them with adequate weapons training. The lawsuit also accused AKAL more

The New Lower Back Plan
We all are susceptible to lower back injuries -- military, law enforcement, advanced athlete, beginning exerciser, or sedentary person -- we all get back injuries of some sort. The back injuries seen most in doctor’s offices and chiropractic clinics worldwide involve the lower back/hip region and can occur from a variety of different causes. According to Dr. Steve Erle D.C. and physical therapist of the Maryland Disc Institute, most of the injuries in the region are lower back muscle pulls or tears, disc inflammation, or the spine itself. These three types of lower back injuries can occur from falling, stretching, lifting, sleeping in an awkward position, or in some cases, no noticeable reason at all. Usually, all occur due to lack in flexibility and balance of hip, abdominal, and lower back muscle strength.

Each of these injuries seems more

Test & Evaluation of MKIV Non Leathal Launcher

In the world of Protective Services, the need for equipment and tools that increases the teams and the clients survivability should be a priority to all involved parties.

In saying this, we at Sykes Group have found a tool that can be used by any member of a team. This new tool is from a company call Veritas Tactical they are a subsidiary of Security With Advanced Technology. This company specializes in innovative technology more

We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us. - George Orwell
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