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"Failure is not an Option"
January 2011
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Suicide bombers have become a reality in Europe, the Near and Middle East, but this terror has yet to be executed on America’s continental soil. Law enforcement organizations are continually writing suicide neutralization policies. They take their lead from the International Chiefs Association on dealing with suicide bombers. Miami Police Chief John Timoney is more

Pakistan considering US guards for Zardari

Special security guards from the US are now being considered for Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari following the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by one of his own security men, a media report said.

The Express Tribune quoted sources as saying that though Zardari's security has always been cause of concern for the authorities, a proposal is also under consideration by the government to hire the services of foreign security guards more

Pa. Officers Treated for Chemical Exposure

A Ligonier man faces charges of risking a catastrophe after police in Somerset County said they found him trying to kill himself with a deadly gas created from household chemicals.

Somerset Borough police Chief Randy Cox said the man, who he declined to identify, created hydrogen sulfide by mixing two unnamed household cleaners together.

The man parked his truck in the parking lot of Somerset Industrial Park about 9 a.m. Saturday, in front of the Department of Public Welfare. He placed a sign on his truck that said "call hazmat."

When police arrived the more

Take the Complacency Quiz

Way back when Andy Sipowitz was just a rookie walking a beat in Times Square, we authored a piece for The Police Marksman magazine titled "Complacency Quiz: Testing Your Survival IQ" (November/December, 1985).The article became one of their most requested pieces. It was such a success that The Police Marksman folks reprinted it in The Best of the Police Marksman book, and a year later Calibre Press, Inc. ran it in their Street Survival Seminar workbook. In sum and substance, the test was really a self-assessment quiz for officers to see if they might have lost that tactical edge and become complacent in their day-to-day street tactics.

Well, the days of The Police Marksman are no more, and Law Officer has emerged as the premier police publication for today's street cops and trainers alike. So, hang on to your seats sports fans, it's time for another one of those quizzes. We've updated and modified the questions more

How to tell if someone is lying…

“BThis week, we’ll be speaking to Dr. Paul Ekman, the man who had devoted his life to the study microexpressions. What he found, after decades of studying the human face and it’s underlying muscle structure, is that when people deliberately try to conceal their emotions (or unconciously repress their emotions), a very brief–1/15 to 1/25 of a second– facial expression often occurs, invisible to nearly everyone. For instance, if you ask more

Rep. Grimm — a former Marine — hires a bodyguard to protect him in a post-Arizona world

Soldier-turned-Congressman Michael Grimm has hired a former NYPD detective who will “act as a bodyguard” for himself and staffers in the wake of the Arizona shootings — but Brooklyn’s lone Republican member of Congress is apparently our only local lawmaker to take such a drastic step.

Grimm (R–Bay Ridge) said that the employee — who is one of 10 local staffers and has a military background — will act as a security guard at big events, plus help local war vets get available benefits.

Grimm’s spokeswoman did not make the freshman lawmaker available to explain his personnel decisions, nor would she give the guard’s name or salary. But the other members of Brooklyn’s Congressional delegation — all Democrats — said that more

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