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February 2006
Sykes Group Protective Services Newsletter

Articles of Interest
Vest Saves Undercover Officer Shot Serving Warrant
A bulletproof vest helped save the life of an undercover Houston police officer serving a warrant at a southeast Houston home Wednesday night, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Officials with the Houston Police Department said a man being served a drug warrant opened fire more

Improvised Weapons in Controlled Environments
Not that long ago I saw a humorous story about a military unit that was loading onto a commercial aircraft for transportation to Iraq. The Colonel in command had the (embarassing) job of telling the soldiers that they had to turn over all fingernail clippers, lighters, matches, and other small, but potentially damaging, objects. Of course, they were allowed to keep more

Islam, Islamism & Terrorism (pdf)
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PoliceOne Exclusive: The crucial role of competition in training
Your heart is pounding rapidly in your chest, your palms are sweaty and cold and your breath is coming in a short, in-and-out rhythm.

The adrenaline is pounding. You open the door, drawing your weapon as you move. Your eyes sweep the room, and you see more

Violence still increasing 63 journalists killed, more than 1,300 physically attacked or threatened
At last 63 journalists were killed in 2005 while doing their job or for expressing their opinions, the highest annual toll more

Troops Fire on Canadian Convoy
U.S. troops fired on a Canadian diplomatic convoy that failed to obey signals to stop in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, but there more

Private security guards play key roles post-9/11
Forget the image of the pot-bellied security guard, asleep with a newspaper in his lap and doughnut crumbs on his chin.

Post-Sept. 11, the old rental cop in many cases has been replaced by security officers who are screened, licensed, trained and equipped better more (pdf)

NRA Trains Record Number of Law Enforcement and Military Firearm Instructors in 2005
For the fourth year in a row, the National Rifle Association's Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD) trained a record number of public and private Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors from the ranks of federal, state, and municipal police departments, as well as from the military. These instructors are now helping more

Supreme Sacrifice Behind the Bars
Approximately 1,500 inmates had gathered for the noon meal at the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas. One of the prisoners, Robert Stroud, was becoming more and more agitated. The previous day, one of the correctional officers, Andrew Turner, had taken Stroud's name and prisoner number. That was usually a sign more

"Screening Inmate Mail for Threatening or Dangerous Material," (pdf)
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Negotiators play key role in police tactical team
Specially-trained crisis and hostage negotiators fulfill a key role in the Midland Police Department's tactical team.

"Negotiation is really the heart of a lot more

Police Responses to Officer-Involved Shootings
What goes through police officers’ minds when they are involved in shootings? How does facing deadly force affect what they see, hear, and feel? Prior research has found that many officers involved in more

Hospitals Release Suspects Wanted By Police
SEATTLE -- Some dangerous, violent criminals have figured out an innovative way to legally "escape" from police custody.

They are getting lots of help more

Ill. jail shooting probe asks how, why
Investigators looking into a bizarre shooting that slightly injured three Cook County Jail inmates are considering whether the inmates wounded themselves -- after somehow smuggling in the gun -- so they could be hospitalized and more

Many Troops Don't Want Extra Body Armor
The extra body armor the Pentagon is issuing Soldiers and Marines in Iraq will not be a welcome addition for everyone.

While some say they won't go into battle without the protective side plates, others say they don't want more

Links of Interest
Hurricane Katrina Resources & Information for LE & Security Personnel

National Network of Lessons Learned and Best Practices Information Network
Lessons Learned Information Sharing ( is the national network of Lessons Learned and Best Practices for emergency response providers and homeland security officials.'s secure, restricted-access information is designed to facilitate efforts to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism across all disciplines and communities throughout the US.

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