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"Failure is not an Option"
December 2010
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IED bombings increase throughout the world

Stopping the construction and use of improvised explosive devices is more than a military problem and must be addressed broadly by all governments, according to Cheryl Pellerin of the American Forces Press Service.

IEDs are the biggest killers of coalition forces in Afghanistan, where the crude, but effective, devices are made of homemade explosives, usually fertilizer ingredients like ammonium nitrate, said Army Lieutenant General Michael L. Oates, director of the Joint IED Defeat Organization, known as JIEDDO.

"When you look at [IED] precursor materials it's more

Knife Hype, Pt. 2

In Part One of this article series we opened our discussion about folding knives and which design characteristics should be taken into consideration when you're purchasing such for duty use. The topics we discussed in part one more

Bodyguard business is booming

When bodyguards around the nation flocked to San Diego recently, the talk was all about paparazzi, terrorists and the latest tech gizmos, with seminars like "Surviving the Kill Zone — Human Factors Are the Key."

Guards trained in martial arts showed the latest techniques for subduing nightclub troublemakers, joked about the challenges of guarding celebrities more

Karzai Shelves Ban on Security Firms

Afghanistan announced Monday that it would scrap plans to ban private security firms working across the country, announcing instead new restrictions on their operations.

All 52 licensed companies will now continue to provide security to the international forces, the Pentagon, the UN mission, aid and non-governmental organisations, embassies more

MAWOL - An acronym to help you keep your mental edge

“Being AWOL in the Army can get you a discharge. Being MAWOL in law enforcement can get you killed. This new acronym was introduced to police trainers by Ron Borsch, manager of Ohio’s SEALE (South East Area Law Enforcement) regional in-service academy during the 2010 ILEETA annual training conference. It’s intended to keep officers from drifting into the dangerous state that’s better known more

'Mind traps' that can trick you (and those who judge your actions)

The jury didn’t believe the Boston cop. During a foot pursuit by multiple officers of multiple suspects in a shooting, he’d run right past a spot where fellow LEOs were mercilessly beating a black man, but he swore he hadn’t seen a thing, didn’t even know the other officers or their victim were there.

The jury convicted him of perjury and obstruction of justice, sensing a blatant example of the “police code of silence” that protects wrongdoers with badges. The officer was sentenced to 34 months, and fired. Later an appeals court overturned the verdict, but on a legal technicality that had nothing to do with what he’d seen or not seen.

So, did he get away with “testilying?” After all, how could a cop — a “trained observer” — not have noticed major illegal action that was plainly in his field of vision?

Presented in greater detail, this case opens the first chapter of a fascinating new book about tricks of the human mind. Written for a lay audience more

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