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April 2006
Sykes Group Protective Services Newsletter

In The News
'No police' to face charges in London shooting of Brazilian: report
LONDON (AFP) - None of the police officers who took part in the London subway shooting of a Brazilian man, wrongly identified as a terrorist suspect, will face charges, a newspaper more

The Flyboys Get Tough
Generations of airmen have gone through the same drill at Air Force basic training: learning how to fold their clothes in precise 6-inch squares. Using tweezers to line up the folds of T-shirts exactly took hours. In fact, when the Air Force studied this test of precision and discipline, they discovered that the folding drill took 16 hours or more more

A History of The Car Bomb Part 1
On a warm September day in 1920 in New York, a few months after the arrest of his comrades Sacco and Vanzetti, a vengeful Italian anarchist named Mario Buda parked his horse-drawn wagon near the corner of Wall and Broad streets, directly across from J P Morgan Company. He nonchalantly climbed down and disappeared, unnoticed, into more

New Orleans to Begin Returning Seized Firearms
More than seven months after New Orleans residents were forcibly and illegally disarmed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans will begin returning seized firearms to their rightful owners on Monday, according more

Wiretaps vulnerable to phreaking
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that it is not at all difficult for bad guys to outwit law enforcement wiretaps on more

Lucky Marine Survives Sniper's Shot to Back of Head
RAMADI, Iraq (April 14) - The young Marine had just shot a suspected insurgent and was walking back across the villa's rooftop when he keeled over from a terrific thud to the back of his more

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Carl Dewayne Graham Jr., 37, had once written, "If I'm killed in the line of duty, I would like people to be aware that I was killed doing a job I believed in and loved doing." Those words were used to help comfort the more than 1,000 mourners who attended Sergeant Graham's funeral more

DEA Agent Who Shot Self In Foot Sues U.S.
A Drug Enforcement Administration agent who stars in a popular online video that shows him shooting himself in the foot during a weapons demonstration for Florida children is suing over the tape's release, claiming that his career has been crippled and he's become a laughingstock due to the embarrassing clip's distribution. Lee Paige, 45, blames the video's release more

County grapples with jail security
A video camera and a new emergency key system might be installed in a courthouse elevator where last week a corrections officer fought for her life.

But county criminal justice officials hope that the officer’s 20-minute struggle with an inmate intent on getting her gun also will be the impetus for investing more into security at the courthouse more

Marines Ban Polyester Clothing In Iraq
Camp Taqaddum, Iraq - Under direction of Marine Corps commanders in Iraq, wearing synthetic athletic clothing containing polyester and nylon has been prohibited while conducting operations off of forward operating bases and camps.

The ban on popular clothing from companies like Under Armour, CoolMax and Nike comes in the wake of concerns that a substantial burn risk more

Data exposure: Counties across the U.S. posting sensitive info online
Broward County, Fla., Maricopa County, Ariz., Fort Bend County, Texas. Three counties separated by hundreds of miles with something in common: They’re among potentially hundreds of counties in several states that in recent years have made Social Security numbers, driver's license information, bank account numbers and a variety of other personally sensitive data belonging to residents available to anyone in the world more

Watch List Delays Reservist's Homecoming
MINNEAPOLIS - A Marine reservist returning home after eight months in Iraq was told he couldn't board a plane to Minneapolis because his name appeared on a watch list as a possible terrorist.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown, who was in uniform and returning from the war Tuesday with 26 other Marine military more

Feds Still Struggle With Sharing Terrorism Data, GAO Says
More than four years after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. government still lacks adequate policies and procedures for sharing sensitive and terrorism-related information, according to a Government Accountability Office report more

We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us. - George Orwell
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