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"Failure is not an Option"
January 2012
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The Business of Training

Considerations for trainers contemplating their own training company

It’s a question I’ve been asked before: “How did you do it?” This could apply to a lot of things, but I’m not copping out to anything more than this month’s topic: How I started my training company. This question typically comes from instructors who want to do the same. For those of you who’ve reached this point in your instructional careers, I thought that this month it might be helpful to discuss my experience.

Why We Do This

My first piece of advice is to start with an honest status check: Why do you want to pursue such an effort? Is more

Ambush: Train, plan & prepare for it

LEOs must expand the traditional military model of what an ambush is

Oftentimes, when we think of ambushes, we think of IEDs exploding against vehicles in a military convoy or terrorists open firing with their AK-47s from concealed positions on troops on foot, like our valiant soldiers and Marines must endure in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the police context, we may think of a lone sniper or gunman hidden on a rooftop or in the shadows opening fire, as we walk toward the front door of an address where we’ve received a call. All of these are certainly ambushes, but is the military example above likely to occur with domestic law enforcement? More likely, it’s the lone gunman situation that presents the greatest threat and the one that we must prepare for. We must more

A Felon on Firearms

Their tactics aren’t the same as ours

n I entered law enforcement in 1976, my first assignment was the county jail. Corrections officers didn’t exist at the time and every deputy was expected to “walk the jail floors” until a spot opened up on patrol. In fact, I spent seven years at various times working the jail and another year in the courts, where guarding prisoners was routine. I hated corrections then and I’m still less than enthused about it now. However, looking back on it, I realize it was good for me. I’ve come to believe that every cop in America should spend some time in corrections—maybe in their first year. I know, you’re thinking, “You’re nuts!” But to know your enemy is of great importance. Set aside functions like DARE, Community Policing, PAL, Public Relations and focus on the primary function of every police officer in America: To find and apprehend those who prey upon the citizens we’re sworn to protect. Cops must place themselves in harm’s way in order to do this—there’s no more

Edged Weapons and Gang Culture

Since the earliest days, gangs have relied on utilitarian edged tools to attack each other, as well as officers.

There's a reason I designed the LASD OSS gang unit logo with a switchblade knife in the center. In modern America, the switchblade is the most readily identifiable symbol associated with gangs. From the time of the Civil War, gangs have armed themselves with edged weapons. "The Gangs of New York" used meat cleavers, axes, kitchen knives and stilettos more commonly than firearms.

Daggers, hunting knives and Bowies rode the same leather belts where six guns were holstered, and were carried by western frontiersmen and cowboys. Native American warriors revered their knives. This reliance on the knife as a utilitarian tool and personal defense weapon naturally carried over to the western outlaws and their bandit gangs.

Killing another human being with a knife is not more

Up Close and Personal

The FBI compiles the most thorough statistics of actual gunfights in the United States. According to the 2009 stats, 19 of more

Point shooting versus sighted fire: Why the debate?

When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

My favorite news item from this week is the one about the recently-widowed, 18-year-old mother of a three-month-old boy — the one who shot an intruder dead when he kicked down her door. I’ve done my share of “when/then” thinking about a similar situation going down at my house, and I firmly believe I’d have similar results. I believe this because I practice, practice, practice. Frequent readers of this space know that I do my level best to improve my skills through the various training venues I attend, dry fire exercises (as well as repetitions with my ‘Blue Gun’), and finally with practice by myself at the range. When I’m at my local range — or any range, really — with a smattering of skill levels represented up and down the line, it’s abundantly clear to me that my shooting skills are “average” — certainly not “bad” but sadly, also not “excellent.” I’ll never win any ISPC shooting competition, but I’m definitely good enough to “solve the problem” should it ever come to that.

That young lady in Oklahoma was simultaneously armed with a handgun and a shotgun (my kind of gal!), and although I’m not presently aware of which firearm she used to solve the problem, I’ve got a hunch it was more

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