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Sykes Group LLC
Law Enforcement Training Division
Failure Is Not An Option
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Training for Law Enforcement, Security, EMS and Military personnel.
Hostage Rescue/High Risk Warrant Course

Class HR1-05

          Taking the stairs                             Sniper getting into position

     MCPSC (Firehouse)                       Airsoft Firearms & other equipment supplied by Sykes Group

Two of the course instructors standing in front of the
"Command Board"
that was sent to Sykes Group for T&E during the course.

This course was conducted at the Monroe County Public Safety Center in PA. A fringe benefit of this location was being able to shut the metal shutters that cover the window openings which allowed us to create a low light enviornment during the daytime.

Attendees for this course included personnel from:

New York City Department of Corrections ESU
New York City Department of Corrections Probe Team
New York State Department of Corrections
New York City MTA
NYS Bail Enforcement Agents

Several of the attendees are not pictured due to the sensitive nature of their current assignments!

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