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Disguised and Unusual Weapons Seminar


This seminar is designed to familiarize Security, Law Enforcement, EMS and Military Professionals with the increasing use of hidden and disguised weapons. These attacks are becoming more frequent among the emergency response community as well as the general public. The increased use of metal detectors and x-ray screening has forced the criminal element to find new and often ingenious ways to hide and disguise their weaponry. We will show you over 100 of the weapons and accessories that can be and/or have been used by criminals and EDP's. We also attempt to make you aware of some of the ways that these weapons are hidden and how they may be employed against you. Incarcerated, criminals often use their time devising methods to avoid future capture and disguising or hiding their weapons is an integral part of that planning.


Seminar participants will be shown disguised weapons that are designed to look like or in fact are made from ordinary objects, such as canes, calculators, lipstick tubes, hairbrushes, combs, flashlights and cameras. They consist of devices used for cutting, shooting, aerosol, electronic, blunt force & explosive attacks. These items may be commercially produced or homemade. All are readily available to the general public. The design and appearance of these types of weapons and accessories is only limited by the imagination and capacity (financial, technological) of the maker. Participants will learn how these weapons can be hidden on a subject, in a car or other locations in order to deceive law enforcement & security officers during searches.


This seminar is four hours of instruction conducted in a multimedia format. It will consist of lecture, discussion, several video presentations and hands-on segments. Attendees will also receive a hands on introduction to the Metal-Tech 1400 metal detector and how it can be used to locate some of these weapons. Attendee participation is encouraged so that all may benefit from the experiences of others.

Students will be provided with other sources of additional information for those who want to increase their knowledge of disguised & unusual weapons!


Remember "chance favors the prepared mind" - Louis Pasteur.


Date: TBA

Price: $75.00, Certificate issued upon completion.

Location: NYC

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(Due to the subject matter, this seminar is restricted to Security, EMS, Military and Law Enforcement personnel)

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