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Sykes Group LLC
Law Enforcement Training Division

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Training for law enforcement, security, ems and military personnel.


Taylor v. Taintor, In Taylor the United States Supreme Court stated:...They may pursue him into another state; may arrest him on the Sabbath; and if necessary, may break and enter his house for that purpose. The seizure is not made by virtue of new process. None is needed. It is likened to...

Bail Enforcement Agent: A Bail Enforcement Agent (BEA) a/k/a Bounty Hunter is defined as an individual or entity who (for a fee) apprehends individuals who have failed to appear on bond or bail and surrenders them to the appropriate jail or to court.(NYS Department of State)

Bail Enforcement: This course consists of all the legal requirements and responsibilities for an Agent to operate within the New York State region. The student will learn how to operate as part of a team as well as how to conduct a fugitive investigation and recovery operation.

The course will also cover:

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